maryse dugois

Inspired by nature, French artist Maryse Dugois creates these beautiful forms using translucent paper. I really love the intermingling of paper and light.

paper umbrellas by tsujikura

Oiled umbrellas placed out to dry, taken from the early 1900s. Note the abundance of spokes – a lovely characteristic of Wagasa. Original customer listing notebooks collected and preserved by…


Whenever I go searching for new things to add to the shop I comes across the most wonderful artist sites and works. Here is one I found recently.


This incredibly beautiful pleated paper installation titled Column is Richard Sweeney‘s latest creation. It will be exhibited at Miniartextil in Italy – October 6 to November 18, 2012.

paper storage company

Are these not the cutest desktop storage boxes ever made? The Paper Storage Company has a long history of making Japanese paper to produce decorative storage boxes. If you happen to be…