after humans

“I woke up one day and saw many of our existing architectural icons in varied states of disarray. They look distraught but also beautiful.” After Humans by Michael Lee.

marielle van den bergh

Marielle van den Bergh creates the most beautiful works with paper and bamboo. They reminded me of these ethereal sculptures by Peter Gentenaar. They’re all so incredibly breathtaking don’t you think?

things that fold by JoBu

JoBu is a product range designed for daily use. I really love the use of folds in this series. All the items are made with strong sailcloth; woven with shuttle looms…

still life continued

Last week I blogged about a paper still life by Fideli Sundqvist. Here are a few more from her still life series. Head over to Fideli’s site to see more. It’s…


I discovered my first KIYATA creation during a visit to the very inspiring Baden Baden shop in Tokyo. Moshino Shinobu and Moshino Yuka from KIYATA hand craft the most beautiful things from…

fine forms

Continuing on the still life path and enjoying these compositions by William A Berry.

still life

This is a sneak peek of Fideli Sundqvist‘s latest paper project. I’m intrigued and can’t wait to see more of this still life series.