paper performance

RECESS was a collaboration between choreographer Jonah Bokaer and artist Daniel Arsham. I love seeing paper take centre stage! You must take a look at Daniel’s site. It’s filled with works that…

folding paper exhibition

Above: Work by Paulo Mulatinho. Below: Work by Richard Sweeney. Below: Coronary stent prototype by Zhong You and Kaori Kuribayashi-Shigetomi. Below: (Clockwise from top) Magical folds by Polly Verity, Erik…

xavier veilhan

I like these a lot. It must be all the folds! Discover more of Xavier Veilhan‘s work and studio here via The Selby.

a paper yarn

Paper yarn is a bit of a mystery to me and in my efforts to learn more about it I came across these beautiful products by Finnish design company Woodnotes….

sydney workshop // JOIN US!

SYDNEY WORKSHOP // Folding for Everyday with Furoshiki + Tenugui. Learn the traditional Japanese custom of folding with furoshiki + tenugui, taught by our favourite instructor Yoshie Kumagai. In this…