celio braga


[Celio Braga](http://www.celiobraga.net/) originally created this installation for Slash: Paper Under the Knife. (http://collections.madmuseum.org/html/exhibitions/485.html) It was titled Placebos (http://bit.ly/9d0QyI) and comprised of thousands of small delicate paper flowers made from the printed material found in prescription drug packaging. The flowers were hung as a series of memorial wreaths. Included in the work was a wall of linked paper chains that were later to be exhibited at Teto, (http://www.tetoprojects.com/search/label/Celio%20Braga) a project gallery in Amsterdam and the space where the images pictured here have been photographed. Above: *Unveil* (Installation view), 2009.


Braga says, “My work deals with the fragility of the human body. I am particularly interested in the relation between the rational value of life, its inevitable transience, and our ritualized attempts to embellish, protect, save, and cure our bodies.”


At first glance this installation looks so pretty, light and playful but get up close and discover the materials used suggest something much darker and more serious. All the medicine documentation used in this installation was given to Braga by his family, friends and acquaintances. They range from simple painkillers to stronger drugs used to fight cancer, heart disease and AIDS.


Very powerful stuff! Well, I think next up I will select a few of my favorites from the Slash: Paper Under the Knife (http://collections.madmuseum.org/html/exhibitions/485.html) exhibition and include links to each artist so you can do a bit more exploring yourselves : ) With 52 amazing artists on show it’s going to be tough selecting just a few!


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