five more artists to inspire you


I’ve really enjoyed reading more about the Slash: Paper Under the Knife (http://collections.madmuseum.org/html/exhibitions/485.html) exhibition and the artists involved. I just wish I could have seen it in person. Instead I have settled for the next best thing and that is reading the book (http://www.amazon.com/Slash-Paper-David-Revere-McFadden/dp/8874395299/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1270563213&sr=8-1) that was published to accompany the exhibition organised by the  Museum of Arts and Design (http://www.madmuseum.org/) in New York. It’s full of amazing images and lots of inspiring artist information. It’s truly a wonderful selection of unforgettable paper art!

To wind up this series of posts dedicated to the exhibition, I have chosen some works from artists who exhibited in the show. These are not all works from the exhibition, some are earlier works but all have two things in common. They are made of paper and they are fabulous! Enjoy!

Above and below are the delicate cuts of Daniel Alcala (http://www.danielalcala.com/)


Andrea Mastrovito

“Paper allows me to be more direct, more fundamental, and even simple. I use paper like a writer, for art is a kind of language, and where else could you better write what you want to say than on paper?” Andrea Mastrovito (http://www.andreamastrovito.com)


Noriko Ambe

“I do not try to draw or cut mechanical or perfect lines in my work, for subtle natural distortions convey the nuances of human emotions, habits or biorhythms.”
Noriko Ambe (http://www.norikoambe.com/)


Su Blackwell (http://www.sublackwell.co.uk) says, ” I like to use non-art materials, such as books and clothes, to create works that evoke a sense of dreamy melancholy or magical enchantment.”


Ferry Staverman

“Many of the early works took the form of female figures, but the shapes continued to evolve, and eventually the work began to resemble fountains, trees, or plants. When multiple forms were brought together, they evoked gardens and landscapes…” Ferry Staverman (http://www.ferrystaverman.nl/)


I’m so inspired! I hope you are too : )



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