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So this post is not actually about paper or anything paper related for that matter, nor is it a sponsored/promotiona

l post. It’s just me sharing with you a place I fell in love with on my first day in Kyoto. Rarely can one find accommodation that is affordable (UPDATE: Rates have gone up since we stayed here so it’s not really as affordable as it once was, sorry folks :( , beautiful, personal, warm and welcoming. This place is all of those things and more. Hotel Anteroom was our home for the week we were in Kyoto and definitely the nicest hotel I have ever stayed at, ever!

There are so many beautiful details to fall in love with here. Everywhere you look you’ll find something to gaze at. Something that seems to have been carefully considered and chosen especially for that space.

There is a wonderful little library full of art and design books as well as a few helpful Kyoto guidebooks pinpointing all the lovely shops, cafes, and outdoor sites to see in Kyoto. We were always late to head out to explore the city because of this… On the bookshelf is a coffee machine, so you can make yourself a coffee or tea to enjoy whilst flicking through the books on the really comfy sofa. Add a beautiful garden view, lounge tunes, and a truly relaxed atmosphere and I promise you’ll be in no hurry to leave either!

There is an art gallery inside the hotel (Gallery 9.5) and on show was the amazing work of Kohei Nawa. Actually you’ll find artworks from local artists all around the hotel including inside the rooms, and many of the works are for sale. Did you see that life-size deer sculpture above? For a silly second I entertained the idea of booking it a seat on my flight back home.

Hotel Anteroom opened only a few of months ago. An old student dormitory was renovated to create this amazing space. The space itself is divided into two parts; a hotel for people visiting Kyoto and apartments for those who live in Kyoto. That is what gives this place a nice feel. It’s easy to forget you’re staying at a hotel as mixing with the locals made us feel more like we were locals and not tourists surrounded by other tourists.

The dining area is large and caters to both short-term and permanent guests. It’s casual, comfortable and open for breakfast and dinner. The menu is Kyoto inspired with many of the ingredients sourced locally and prepared using traditional techniques. I became quite attached to their Kyoto-style broth with noodles and made it my late night dinner option a few nights in a row. It was simple but incredibly delicious and only about $8.00. Yes, the food here is very affordable too.

I could easily keep on raving about this place for at least another few paragraphs but I think you get how much I love it by now. Thanks to the staff at Hotel Anteroom for being so friendly and for making our stay memorable. We can’t wait to come back.

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