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What is it about paper blocks that sends me into kiddy mode? Add some colour and I seriously go silly. There is something so playful and magical about them and I think I have found someone who feels just the same way! Romain Lenancker is an art director from France who creates the most wonderful sets and imagery with you guessed it, paper blocks. So when the opportunity arose to work on a project with him for Upon a Fold, well let’s just say I really, really, seriously went silly. Silly from excitement, silly from joy and silly from the anticipation of what wonderfulness would be created for our little shop of paper and folds.

Here it is, our brand new poster campaign ready to hit a poster wall near you! Check out those paper blocks, made by Romain and photographed by Sébastien Bocos. Interpret them as you wish, for me they represent the truly expressive and playful qualities of paper, just like all the wonderful goodies in our shop.

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When I asked Romain what inspired him when creating this series, he made reference to Giorgio de Chirico‘s painting, Love Song and said there is an element of Surrealism present in the images. And I can see what he means. There really is something so surreal about the paper blocks floating in mid air, don’t you think?

Below are some more images of Romain’s work for you to admire. I hope they inspire you as much as they have inspired me. Thank you Romain for the opportunity to work with you and Sébastien and for creating something so beautiful for Upon a Fold.









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