UPPERCASE and my creative adventure

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My issue of UPPERCASE magazine just arrived and I’m really excited about it because I’ve shared a special story in there. It’s all about an unforgettable papermaking experience in Japan. I think this would definitely be my most special paper adventure yet, so I’m very lucky to be able to share it via this beautiful publication and issue dedicated to creative adventures.

During our last trip to Japan we visited a rural papermaking town just outside of Tokyo. We were lucky enough to be guided by local resident and paper artist Chiaki Morita. If you’ve been longing to embark on a creative journey yourself then I would really recommend this place. It is extremely beautiful in so many ways.

I have over 200 images from this journey and I’m thinking about having them printed and bound for myself and maybe a few extra copies for those of you interested in discovering this place a little further.

UPPERCASE magazine shows many of the images and details of the papermaking workshop too. If you love paper you will love issue 12 of UPPERCASE because it is filled with beautiful paper and people who are creating amazing things with it.

Thank you Janine!


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