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As promised (in my last post), here’s what upon a fold will be displaying at the upcoming A4 Paper Festival in Sydney. The airvase by Torafu Architects is definitely one of my all time favourite paper finds. So when asked to showcase a product that was both innovative in design and available for purchase, the airvase was first to pop into my head. It’s paper used in a way I have never seen before.

Now here comes the fun part! The white airvase, although astoundingly beautiful in white is also spectacular in colour. My idea was to demonstrate how playful they really are, so I got stamping using all my favourite colours and then shaped each airvase differently. I just carved simple shapes from erasers I already had at home (I’m sure there are more sophisticated methods), and used VersaColor pigment ink for adding colour. Simply stamp your design, leave it to dry and then sculpt it your way. There are so many possibilities!

These airvases will be on display at the festival and there will be samples for festival guests to play with too. And if you fall in love with them, as did I, there will be sets available at the show for purchase.

I’m flying out of Sydney next week and on my way to Japan which means I’m sadly going to miss this paper celebration. I’m now completely convinced that I’m cursed with bad timing. When I found out the dates for the show, I wanted to cry. Anyway, I just know there will be many more to come because this is too good a celebration to stop at one!


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