a paper animation by hélène ducrocq

elledemeure_1 elledemeure_2 elledemeure_3 elledemeure_4 elledemeure_5   elledemeure_6 elledemeure_7 elledemeure_8 elledemeure_9 elledemeure_10   elledemeure_11 elledemeure_12

These images show the making of one very perfect little paper animation. Creator, Hélène Ducrocq is an animation director, and part of a French multimedia collective called KaAM. This is their latest creation using a stop motion technique called Stratastencil. Can you believe three people, spent five days, cutting 1600 sheets of paper to create this!? That’s dedication folks! Watch this beautiful animation titled *Elle Demeure* here, and the making-of here.


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