the book of paper







I bought myself a Christmas present today! I don’t normally do so, but considering the timing of this book’s release, it seemed like a great idea. I tweeted about this book some time ago, but this Saturday, December 18 is the official book launch, at the PrintRoom in Rotterdam. The Book of Paper is also now available to buy here.

A collaboration between designer/sculptor Oliver Helfrich and photographer Antje Peters, The Book of Paper is part of a larger series titled ‘The Books of…’. This series explores the creative possibilities of ‘everyday’ materials such as paper, wood, glass and stone. Luckily for us, The Book of Paper is the first in the series to be published, and by one of my favourite independent publishers, Post Editions.

A bit about the book

From tissues and take away coffee cups to milk cartons, paper plays an integral role in our day-to-day lives and yet we often take it for granted. Through a series of sculptures The Book of Paper elevates the aesthetic value of this most ubiquitous of materials. The Book features a series of essays written by artists, architects and scientists, all of whom have unique approaches to paper.


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