wish list wonderland




Whenever I come across something I love (not always made of paper you know ;-) I make a mental note to add it to the wish list I’ve got going in my head. But this list is getting lost, so I thought it might be better for me to start adding new lovely finds here on the blog instead. It’s a better way for me to remember them and at the same time, I’ll hopefully post some things you guys will enjoy seeing too.

Here are two things I found recently that I love, love, love – starting with this Ori Ori Lamp by Kaname Okajima (above). Folds to die for! And below is my dream Ladder Mirror with timber-frame, tray and cross bars. It’s the perfect size for a smallish apartment like mine and I can already think of about 10 places it would fit perfectly!

Ori Ori and Ladder Mirror are both available from the IDEE shop online.


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