curious collection



These are my favourite entries so far in the Curious Collection contest. Artists and designers have been invited by Arjowiggins Creative Papers to create paper inspired art using stock from their Curious Collection range. Anyone can submit work and the competition is open until the end of September, so if you’re interested there is still time to enter! Above: Enfant De Papier by Boutte Nathalie.

The works will be judged on their level of curiosity and originality and there are some great prizes up for grabs, including Mac Book Pro’s and other highly desirable designer gadgets. Above: Oh my, that fried egg looks simply delicious!


There’s loads more entries to see over at the online gallery, so head over there and don’t forget to vote for your favourite! And just in case it’s not obvious (it wasn’t to me); you must click and drag to cut the page in order to flick through the works in the gallery. The site is a bit annoying to navigate but still definitely worth a look. Above: Toast with jam anyone? Gosh everything looks so paper perfect!


Above: Curious Breakfast by Fanette Guilloud and Facca Alexis for Paper Donut.


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