6 / a typographic puzzle

When Sarah K invited us to take part in a Pop Up Alphabet Co Op she was curating for Object Gallery in Sydney, we said YES! It’s not everyday one gets to work on a brief that offers infinite possibilities.

The Pop Up Alphabet Co Op is a temporary type-o-centric shop/installation where every letter, number, word or phrase exhibited is available to own.

Matt and I put on our thinking caps and bounced ideas off each another before deciding we wanted to make something that was made of paper (surprise, surprise), a little bit crafty and a lot of fun!

6 is a typographic puzzle kit. It comes with 5 double-sided cards and a pre-scored tracing paper base strip, all of which make up a strand of 6 pyramids. Once made, the puzzle can be folded in many different ways to form every letter of the alphabet.



Working out those letters was kind of tricky but lots of fun too. We made sure to include an A-Z colour coded chart (or cheat sheet) to act as a guide in case you get stuck, because it’s not that easy you know!

So the last few nights, we’ve been up late scoring strips of trace and making wax paper pockets for the kits to sit in. Luckily, I brought back a stack of waxed paper from Tokyo recently, having no idea at the time what I’d use it for. I’m happy I did though, because it certainly came in handy this week!



The Pop Up Alphabet Co Op opens tonight and runs all weekend. All the works on show are limited editions and available to purchase. So come and say hi and get your dose of design – there will be loads of good stuff to see.


To view more of the type inspired works that will be on show tonight, click here.

Object Gallery – Main Gallery, 417 Bourke Street, Surry Hills.


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