paper & tokyo – naoki terada

With World Cup footy fever in the air, I think it’s perfect timing to show you this amazing model stadium I saw, when visiting the InteriorLifestyle show last month in Tokyo. It’s the brilliant creation of architect and designer Naoki Terada and every little detail you see has been carefully considered and constructed by Naoki himself. What a champion!

Naoki Terada from Terada Design has a pretty impressive portfolio that includes designs for buildings, interiors, furniture, products, paper people and more. Yep, he is one of those super creative, talented people who somehow does it all!



The stadium is filled with little paper people. They are part of the 1/100 Architectural Model Accessories Series designed by Naoki Terada and this particular set is titled No.7 Football. The set includes 11 players plus reserves, a team manager, doctor, two referees, a goal and corner flag, whistle, yellow card, red card, ball, bench, drinking bottle, stretcher, first aid kit, scarf, ball bag and even a lost dog. Geez, Naoki has really thought of everything here!



I spent ages just staring at it all. In each and every corner was a little scene to be seen. Naoki even filled the outer stadium with little paper vending machines and people making their way into the stadium. There was activity wherever you looked, from a player being carried out on a stretcher to a monkey escaping onto the field. But it’s as if someone had pressed the pause button on lots of little separate scenes all happening at the same time.



Other settings in the Architectural Model Accessories series include a New York street, a Tokyo street, an office, a home and my very favourite, Inokashira Park Zoo which includes elephants, squirrels, swans, ducks, deers, monkeys and more.



Set No.1 Home/Family is available in the Upon a Fold shop and soon we will be adding more from the series.




Oh and also, coming soon will be some of Naoki’s brand new greeting cards. They are really brilliant! Check out this one below. I can’t wait to show you more. They really are unique little works of art.

The best part of show day for me was actually meeting Naoki Terada. I was a bit star struck I must admit, but managed to communicate in a cool and calm manner, how much I love his work. I felt really lucky and inspired. It’s not everyday you get to meet such talent, I mean look, even his business card is something special. And btw that stadium is for sale, so anyone interested should get in touch (with Naoki, not me)!



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