so impressed!


So here they are as promised. Straight from the press! Ah, so nice and flat. I just don’t know if I could live without my book press.


I bought it about 10 years ago from an antique store and have been lugging it around ever since. I tend to move a lot too. 12 times in 14 years to be exact. Removalists don’t ever believe me when I tell them it’s a two man job.  I’ve seen it time and time again. They flex their muscles and attempt to pick it up on their own. Then out comes the groan followed by a yell to the second guy for help. There was this one occasion though… a big Russian ex-bodybuilder was the removalist that day. I warned him about it. He laughed and with one single handed swoop he picked up the press and casually carried it to the truck, in the same manner I grab for my handbag. Astonishing! Anyway it’s a good thing I have finally found a nice little place to call home for a while. So removalists out there, you can RELAX!


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